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Effy's Camping Trip

Well I went Effing camping.  It was awesome, but cold.  All three guys were all fired up and I thought I would tag along.  They all talked about ho...
Who is Effy?

Who is Effy?

Who is Effy?  I answer questions like these in this blog.
Effy's 21st BDay

Effy and the Holidays

Hey everybody! I have been very busy since my last post.  Let's just say that you wouldn't believe all the stuff I've done. I turned 3 last month a...

Effy... THE Update

Hey guys... It's Effy again.  So here's the deal, last time I talked to you guys I looked like this:  I know... I am SO. EFFING. CUTE. It's pre...

Effy's Intro

So, I'm Effy and I enjoy so many things, but most of all...I like running the show at Effing Gear.  The guys have been running the company for 5 ye...