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Effing Gear Up for the Winter! - Effing Gear

Effing Gear Up for the Winter!

It’s getting pretty effing cold out there, and if you’re looking in your closet for something to keep you warm, you might only find options that don’t quite fit any more or that aren’t really your style this year. At Effing Gear, we understand the dilemma of not only staying warm during the winter, but also having clothes that fit your personality. With our selection of beanies and long sleeve shirts, you can find the perfect options that keep you warm and show people what you really effing think.

The Daily Commute

Even though the temps are dropping, you still have to get up every morning and go to work. It’s probably dark when you leave the house and dark when you come home, and your daily commute consists of scraping ice off the windshield, letting the car warm up, and then driving 30 minutes or more to work. The last thing you want is to be cold, so why not put on an Effing beanie? Whether you choose The Jake, The Baby K, or another beanie from our catalog, you can count on it keeping your ears and head warm all winter long.

The Weekend Trips

After the work week is over, you might have plans to hit the slopes or meet up with friends at a favorite destination. The right beanie can be effing indispensable when it comes to skiing, and you won’t have to worry about messed-up hair or missing a shower when you can simply pull on a beanie before you head out the door for your weekend road trip!

Layering Up

On those frigid winter days when the temps barely reach double digits, your first thought in the morning is to layer up. You put on a t-shirt, then a hoodie, then a coat before you leave the house. Having layers means that you can peel some of them off, should you get too warm, but with the right hoodie or long sleeve shirt, you can be comfortable in nearly any temperature. Our long sleeves for men and women are available in both lightweight and heavy options, so you can make it your outer layer for extra warmth or wear it as a middle layer and not have to worry about being too cold or too hot.

Pick Out More Than One

You don’t want to have just one sweatshirt or hoodie for the winter — you want to have options. With our online selection, you can pick out multiple shirts and have a variety at your disposal. You can have the more subtle ones for weekdays, and the ones with the Effing Bird front and center for the weekends; or, you can wear whichever one you want on any given day, because you simply don’t give an eff!

At Effing Gear, we’re dedicated to helping people find apparel that has a personality all its own. As winter grows closer, make sure that you have the right options for any day and any temperature. You’ll stay warm and toasty, and people will see that you have some effing style in your wardrobe.

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