At Effing Gear, our stylish sunglasses are handcrafted from skateboard wood and are then laser etched with the iconic Effing Bird logo. All of our shades come with double spring-loaded hinges, giving them flexibility beyond 90 degrees. Each pair of sunglasses is perfect for an active lifestyle or for when you’re just effing relaxing in the sun. Oh, and did we mention that all of our sunglasses come with polarized lenses?
Our shades are comfortable, durable, and pretty damn cool looking. Put some effing shades on!
  • Double Spring-Loaded Hinges
  • Polarized Lenses
  • Multi-Colored Skateboard Wood
All sunglasses come with a microfiber baggy and an Effing Bird wipe! The Effing Sunglasses are a perfect fit for those that like the "Effing Lifestyle." Our shades come with polarized reflective lenses. You like nice sh!t? So do we. The double-spring hinges give any active person the ability to wear them rough while comfort remains the key feature. We give you more than the average sunglass company… just put some effing shades on and see!