Patriot Collection

Effing Gear is a patriotic brand and it is that time of year. Feeling patriotic?

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Effing Gear

Effing Gear is a "lifestyle" brand just like all the other "lifestyle" brands out there...we are just a little bit more effing unique than all the others. Put some effing clothes on!!

Effing Shades! Need we say more?

These shades are polarized and lightweight for the effing comfort and style you deserve. Put some effing shades on and go outside!


Quality and Comfort

Effing Gear would not exist if it was not for the quality and comfort of our clothing and sunglasses.

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The Effing Lifestyle

This is a company that believes that life is short. Not too effing short, but short enough to make ya think about it. Live effing life!

You Wear. You Care.

For every effing item we sell we donate a t shirt to Fashion Delivers. This Bracelet represents your donation!

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